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Happy Wheels UnblockedHappy Wheels is a physic-based browser game which has been developed, published and released by Fancy Force. The game which was released on June 4th 2010 has gained quite a reputation due to its graphic contents. Though the game is already available on the Web Browser and the iOS platform, the Android version is set to be announced soon. The game has been created for single players only and hence it cannot support multiple players. This game will give you a clear overview of how accidents happen on daily basis and the severity accompanied by them such as bone fractures, decapitations, and death.

How to play
The goal of the game is to basically choose your preferred type of vehicle/racer and race towards victory while at the same time ignoring severe consequences such as getting crashed and eventual death. Unlike other types of racing games, the unblocked version of Happy Wheels differs as you progress from one level to another. In some levels, you get the chance to reach the crossing line at pole position while in some other levels, you have to alternate and achieve nonexistent goals. The game maps which direct the players from one level to another are usually found and shared on a public server. The good thing about this game is the fact that you can edit different levels to suit your preferences thanks to the level editor option.

It’s actually easy to play and enjoy Happy Wheels. Controls are usually arranged within the user’s range for optimum use and enjoyment.

The controls are as follows;
The four (4) arrows usually placed on the right-hand side of a computer keyboard are used for moving the vehicles from one point to another. The upward-facing arrow is used to accelerate while the down-facing arrow is used to decelerate the vehicle. The right-hand side arrow is used to lean forward while the left-hand side arrow is used to lean backward.

The spacebar keypad is also used as the primary action button or the special ability option. Its termed as a special ability since you can use it to perform special tasks against your opponents. This means that, you can eject from your car or grab your opponent.


The shift and control keys are usually termed as secondary action buttons. They can also be used to move and control the arms as well as the legs of the characters in different directions. When you want to eject from your car, you can press the Z button.